small print


zines, comics and small press in auckland, new zealand

Small Print 2003

view from the moon rocket table

The first SMALL PRINT was a day-long zine & self-publishing event held on 11 October 2003 at the Grey Lynn Library hall in Auckland, New Zealand.

People sold and traded zines, comics, self-published books and other crafty things all day, workshops were held on various aspects of self-publishing and DIY art, SAFE sold tasty vegan food, Laura A. showed people how to make buttons, a documentarian filmed and interviewed people, Steven told stories, people sat around reading, and a collaborative zine called The Small Print was made.

A few photos from the first Small Print are on Moira’s Flickr account.

Lots of people contributed to making the first Small Print awesome. Moira says thanks to: the other organisers (Laura C., Laura A., Nate & Annette); Kerry for the design work; Amber, Amanda, James, Amy & everyone else who helped with postering and media stuff, the benefit show, other organising stuff and helping on the day; Kerry, Cameron and Brendon for workshops, Steven for storytelling & everyone who had tables; SAFE for the vegan food; Graveyard Rumble, Killdeer, The Bobbins & This Night Creeps for playing the benefit show; & everyone who came along, and everyone who contributed to the collaborative zine or went home and made their own.


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